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This should be interesting

Shamelessly kiped from Jeff, "The yearly first line of the month meme". Note - I am a sporadic poster, so where there were no LJ posts, I have imported a first-line from my Windows Live Space (if there was even one there).

January: I have achieved a weird state of apathy - a very delicate balance. I can feel my brain teetering on the edge of either plunging down the dark side and being miserable, or leaping off the angry side and being equally miserable.

February: I hate shopping malls

March: No posts

April: light stretches, time hurts

May: soft nights are warming

June: No posts

July: Since summer is now fully upon us and more than just I have been chomped upon by the camping bug, I feel compelled to pass along this serious caution

August: cool balance returns

September: Wow. Looking back through the "recent" entries listed here, the contrast between how things were and how things are becomes exaggerated and bright, like an over-exposed photograph.

October: At some point, I loaned my copy of Kevin Smith's Clerks on special-edition DVD to someone.

November: No, perhaps even yet there is not enough excitement in my life, because I have just stirred up some more.

December: I got robbed. There was aproximately a BUTTLOAD of snow on my roof, but I got zero icicles.
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